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Selkie Botanicals

Save The Selkies SANDWICH Bag

Save The Selkies SANDWICH Bag

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Save The Selkies - Protect Our Oceans 

Description: By purchasing a Selkie Swag Bag you are helping protect our oceans. We automatically donate 1% of all of Selkie Botanicals profits to 1% for the Planet, now, in addition we are also donating 10% of our Selkie Swag Bag profits to the Ocean Conservancy every time a Selkie Swag bag is bought. 

Furthermore! These Selkie Swag bags are made by ECO Bags, all of their products are environmentally and socially responsible, as well as made with recycled materials and natural cotton. 

The Selkie drawing was designed by Shelby (the owner, creator, crafter at Selkie Botanicals), and drawn by a magnificent local artist in Bellingham, WA,


Use: This Sandwich Bag is just the right size for a lunch, trinkets, and a sandwich of corse! 😎

Size: 8" (wide) x 8" (tall)


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