Vegan Cold-Pressed Soap

Vegan Cold-Pressed Soap

Cold pressed soap is fairly easy to make. Using a variety of oils such as: coconut oil, olive oil, canola oil, and grape seed oil to name a few. Lye, and water, that’s it! Of corse adding herbs, flowers, essential oils, activated charcoal, and micas can bring any soap to the next level.

That’s what we have done at Selkie Botanicals. Used a simple base of oils, lye and water, and then spruce it up with some lovely herbs and essential oils. Such as our Lavender Oat Soap which we have added soothing lavender flowers and oats to create a gentle soap for sensitive skin. And guess what, at Selkie Botanicals before we use regular oils in soap we first infuse those oils with herbs and flowers, either purchased from local apothecaries or grown in our home garden. Like our Mushroom Thief Soap, the olive oil isn’t just organic extra virgin olive oil, first it is infused with Shiitake mushrooms! Shelby, the creator and founder of Selkie Botanicals, worked at a local culinary-gourmet mushroom farm for a number of years, called Sno-Valley Mushrooms and that’s where Shelby gets the locally sourced and naturally grown mushrooms. Another easy way to make soap extra special is adding activated charcoal, which can be used to extract toxins and unwanted substances from the body. Such as our Eucalyptus & Charcoal Soap which contains mint green mica, activated charcoal, and eucalyptus essential oil that Shelby distilled at her home garden.

We hope you enjoy our hand-crafted, small-batch Vegan Soaps!

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