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Lemon Balm - Hydrosol

Lemon Balm - Hydrosol

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Lemon Balm Hydrosol


Description: Lemon Balm puts a mind at ease while uplifting the mood. Promoting relaxation, sleep, and melting away stress. A hydrosol is also known as a flower, or floral water, it is the water-soluble components of a plant. Hydrosols have similar properties as essential oil although hydrosols are more mild and can be used more freely around pets and children (still use caution).  


Application: Mist body and/or face to cool off or for a quick grounding aromatic spritz, it’s a great natural cleaning product, wonderful for foot soaks, and baths.


Latin Name: Melissa officinalis


Family Name: Lamiaceae


Plant Part Distilled: Leaf and stem


Extraction Method: Copper Ambelic Still Hydro Distillation


Origin: Washington (USA)


Cultivation: Grown in Selkie Botanicals garden


Aroma: Lemon balm enchants the senses with sweet citrus aromas and soothing effects on mood.


Size: 2.5 oz or 4 oz


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